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Texas Small Business Grants

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What Are Texas Small Business Grants?

You may hear a lot about Texas small business grants and other grants available to the individual American; however, there are truthfully very few grants given to people on an individual level. Most Texas small business grants are awarded to smaller state and local governments by the larger federal government for development on a local economic level.

Whether you have a small business in the childcare industry, technology, have a new creative edge in bringing more tourism and business to your area, or you have a more personal idea for small business start-up, there are Texas small business grants available to help you with your business goals.

There are two major types of grants (this is very important to watch out for): The kind that do not require you to invest any of your own money up front, and the kind of grant that requires that you match the funds the source will present to you whether through your own means or taking out a business loan.

How to find Texas Small Business Grants for your business

There are three main places you can go to look for leads towards Texas small business grants.

First, you can start on a local level. Visit your local government offices on a city, county, and state level. Sometimes you will find great tools and assistance from your local government, especially on a town or city level, because more small businesses with a sturdy foundation means more long-term jobs and taxable income they can benefit from. These grants aren’t going to be advertised, these are grants you will find only if you check around.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on a city or state level, try checking in with grant bearing agencies of the Federal government. You won’t get small business funding directly from the feds, but they may fund an organization or foundation that could help you meet your goals. Consider contacting the Grants Program Management Office. You can find a full list of grants available to the public on their website.

If the last two options have left you with zero results, you could try contacting a corporation to help you with a Texas small business grant. Most large corporations have a foundation dedicated to donating money towards community enrichment, and starting or strengthening a business within their community would definitely be considered “enrichment.”

Starting a business, or increasing the stability of a business you already own can be a complicated task. Taking the time to find a suitable Texas small business grant is a worthy investment in itself. There are plenty of resources out there, just waiting to be tapped. Don’t lose the opportunity to improve your life with one of the many Texas small business grants left untouched.

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