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Alaska State Grants

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Alaska State Grants are plentiful. Alaskans can benefit from state government grants for industry sustenance, career upgrades, education, and cultural protection, among so much more.

In fact, given the location of Alaska and its industry concentration in natural resources and wildlife, a great portion of the money granted to the state is in support of nature and wildlife industry. This is because this business is essential but does not bring in a lot of money for the state or its citizens. Thus Alaska gives operating support grants to ensure that these important industries are maintained.

These grants are given to people and organizations that protect Alaska’s wild terrain and support healthy local communities. Funds granted are meant to cover administrative and/or program costs including salaries, facilities, travel, equipment, supplies, training, membership, fundraising, and specific program activities.

And then there are grants for Alaska Native communities. The forced change to these communities resulting from global warming, increased energy prices and unsustainable development has led the Alaskan State Government to provide grants to ensure these communities continue to thrive despite the unavoidable changes.

Alaska Natives, or their descendants, can therefore apply for Cultural Fellowship Grants intended to encourage applicants in perpetuating and transmitting the visual, literary, and performing arts of Alaska’s first people.

There are also Career upgrade grants for Alaskan natives too. These funds are used to help these people learn new skill sets that can help them to attain better jobs and cover their living expenses while making the change.

And in terms of post secondary educations Native Americans, Eskimos and or U.S. citizens living in Alaska can apply for the Heritage Project Grant run by the CERI Foundation. This is a one-time money grant to students enrolled or about to enroll in a two year or four year college, university or technical institution in the state of Alaska.

Then there is the Alaska Humanities Forum Grant (AKHF). The AKHF grant program funds humanities-based projects that help to unite the Alaskan people. These projects can include creating dialogue among peoples holding different points of view; applying traditional bodies of wisdom to present concerns; and/or passing on the values, methods, and wisdom of the humanities to future generations of Alaskans. Individuals can receive up to $10,000 for most of these projects.

And then there are the standard grants that each state provides for its citizens. Alaskans can apply for housing grants through the HUD to subsidize the cost of purchasing a new home. They can also seek natural energy reimbursement grants for going green with their home appliances.

And this is just the tip of the ice berg. There are so many grants available to Alaskans, just waiting to be applied for. Individuals looking to get state financial aid that doesn’t need to be repaid will undoubtedly find a grant in support of their cause. And while finding grants is not overly difficult, it is the application process that is often confusing and time consuming. But there is help for this process. All it takes is sending away for your free guide that will walk you through the application process and help ensure that you get the grant that you need.

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