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State Grants

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As part of President Obama’s Stimulus Program there is an unprecedented amount of funds being directed to each state to improve local economy. All you need do is apply. This is money that you have paid over the years into taxes and now the government is finally giving you your kickback. There is no limit to the amount of grants you can apply to. Here are some grants being offered include:

  • Grants to Start Or Expand A Business
  • Grants to Encourage New Business in Small Towns
  • Grants to Start Up a Ranch
  • Grants for Woman-Owned and/or Minority- Owned Businesses
  • Grants to Keep Small Businesses Competitive
  • Grants to Companies Suffering From Defense Cuts
  • Grants to Businesses That Hire 18-24-Year-Old Employees
  • Grants to Business That Hire Employees With Disabilities
  • Grants to Companies That Do Business In Certain Zip Codes
  • Grants for Individuals Struggling With High Health Expenses
  • Grants to Cover Education Costs
  • Grants to Help Exportation Companies With Cash Flow Problems

But wait there is even more!

U.S. residents can also apply for:

  • Low interest loans that require no collateral or co-signers
  • Free tax credits
  • Venture capital programs

Where to access the information:

With such a large number of state departments and agencies, it s no wonder that there are hundreds of government offices sprinkled throughout the state. Yet with so many offices there is really no way to expect that any one given bureau will know all the programs and services being offered by all of the others. That is why using a grant kit is faster and easier to find the funds that you need. Calling your local government office, while potentially useful, will more likely leave you feeling discouraged when they are unable to answer your questions about grants. The grant kit, gives you fast accurate information on grants currently being offered in the USA and how you can be approved.

The Grant Kit Offers:

  • An extensive database of grant programs
  • Applications to help you apply for money
  • Local contacts for knowledgeable state officials
  • A list of how much money is being given in each grant category
  • A list of just some successful grant recipients

Money for Everyone!

Big Companies

  • AT&T $46,921K
  • $1,590K
  • Compaq Computer $187,874K
  • GTE $26,529K
  • H.J. Heinz Company $2,625K

Small Companies

  • Aldo’s Restaurant $412,500
  • Auntie Anne’s Pretzels $135,750
  • Bradley Hills Animal Hospital $253K
  • Juel’s Day Care Center $45K
  • Petting Zoo $375K
  • Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream $247,500
  • Networking Concepts $37,500

Entrepreneurs & Others:

  • Dr. Robert Tuck $55K
  • Joseph M. Rosenwald, D.D.S. $93,750
  • Dr. Susan G. Amigocki, P.C. $80K
  • Henry W. Jenkins & Sons, Co.$801K
  • Jane G. Michaelson, Esq. $65,500
  • John Gutierrez Studios $68K

State Grants

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