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Michigan State Grants

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Do you need financial assistance for business or personal needs? Millions of dollars has been set aside by the state of Michigan in the form of government grants, yet each year this money goes unclaimed. Whether it is money for small businesses, housing, health care, education, research, community development or personal needs, you may be eligible for one or more government grants.

How can you find out about government grants available to you? Our experts are here to help you find Michigan government grants that could help financially jumpstart your dreams and ambitions. Our extensive database of up-to-date Michigan government grants will determine which government grants are best suited for you. All you have to do, for the application, is enter in the required information and our database will match the information provided with a listing of grants.

Michigan government grants require no repayment; this is money that the government is offering back to you, as a tax payer, and resident of Michigan. This money usually comes from state and federal government agencies and through private corporations and foundations. Unknowingly, many people remain unaware that they qualify for these grants. Claim your government grant money today!

Currently, the state of Michigan is offering various types of government grants, it is up to you to register and apply. The following shows the amounts that have been allotted by the United States for each section of financial assistance:

  • $151.5 Billion in grants for small businesses
  • $186.1 Billion grants towards housing and healthcare
  • $86.4 Billion towards grants for students and college graduates
  • $93.4 Billion in grants for personal needs and cash awards
  • $57.5 Billion in grants for minorities
  • $99.7 Billion in grants for women
  • $96.5 Billion towards research grants
  • $38.5 Billion grants towards community developments
  • $103 Billion in grants for non-profit organizations

By applying today, you will find out which grants you are eligible for. Without applying, you will never know which grants you may be eligible for. There may be grants available to you whether you’re looking for money to go back to school or help with your mortgage. The following is a brief list of Michigan government grants currently being offered:

  • Grants to Start Or Expand A Business
  • Grants to Encourage New Business in Small Towns
  • Grants for Woman-Owned and/or Minority- Owned Businesses
  • Grants to Keep Small Businesses Competitive
  • Grants to Companies Suffering From Defense Cuts

    Grants to Businesses That Hire 18-24-Year-Old Employees

    Grants to Business That Hire Employees With Disabilities

    Grants to Companies That Do Business In Certain Zip Codes

    Grants for Individuals Struggling With High Health Expenses

    Grants to Cover Education Costs

    Grants to Help Exportation Companies With Cash Flow Problems

By registering, you will be able to discover what government grants are available in your area and how to apply. Thousands of Michigan residents are applying for government grants and acquiring information about which grants they are eligible for. Via the internet, this process is made simple and at your convenience. Apply today and discover government grants waiting to be awarded to you!

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