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Alabama State Grants

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The State of Alabama has many grants and scholarships for many different needs.Just by residing in Alabama you and your family could be eligible for an assortment of different grants to help fund education, small business costs, home purchases and improvements, among other things. These Alabama State Grants are available only to people living in the State of Alabama and depending on the grant being applied for, may have further restrictions.

Most plentiful of grants for Alabama residents are those for education.Students from Alabama can apply for this free grant money based on a variety of different criterion. You could be eligible for certain Alabama state education grants based on your county, area of study, grades, race, or gender.And aside from the typical Federal grants such as the Pell Grant which is need based, Alabama students can apply to the Alabama Student Grant Program which is not based on need, but rather merit. In fact if you are attending a state university you could receive up to $1200 per academic year.

There is also Alabama grant money from the Recovery Act to help Alabama residents make money and get jobs.In fact about $4,450,000 is being pumped into the Alabama’s Workforce Investment Act Funding. This grant is for adult intensive training services that are meant to increase the employment, retention and earnings of unemployed and employed adults registered in the state.

And if you are looking to buy a new home Alabama residents can also apply for Alabama state grants to help subsidize the cost.Housing grants for each state are outlined by the HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development) and are known to be quite generous.But keep in mind that the grant will not cover the whole cost of the home and perhaps not even the complete down payment, but it will definitely be a big help.Although before you apply for your state housing grant you will need to make sure that you have a secured lender and a realistic idea of the type of home you can afford.

These are just a few of the hundreds of state grants available to Alabama residents.This money is yours for the taking.All you have to do is apply.But while it’s not difficult finding a grantor, the process you need to follow can be.In fact it is the application process where most people get confused, frustrated or just plain fed up.That is why using a guide can simplify the process and help ensure that you get the money you need.

Alabama Stimulus Money for 2009:

  • An additional $3.2 million for student financial assistance through grants to institutions to assist in the operation of work-study programs under the Higher Education Act.
  • $181.9 million for Special Education State Grants to help improve educational outcomes for individuals with disabilities
  • $9.7 million in education technology funds to purchase up-to-date computers and software and provide professional development.
  • $199 million for Education for the Disadvantaged.

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