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Texas Pell Grants

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As most students quickly discover, funding their college education can be a source of stress, Fortunately, there are financial aid programs in Texas that can help.

What are Texas Pell Grants?

Texas Pell Grants are a form of financial aid that is funded through the United States Department of Education. In contrast to other scholarships, student loans, and certain other grants, Texas Pell Grants do not have to be paid back. In most cases, a Texas Pell Grant can be a smart choice for students looking for assistance in funding their college tuition.

Benefits of Texas Pell Grants:

While living off of loans and borrowed money is easy to do while in college, things change for students after graduation. When faced with having to pay back student loans and other borrowed money, most new graduates become extremely stressed out. Money used from Texas Pell Grants do not have to paid back after graduation; students can obtain a Pell Grant knowing that they are sinking further into debt.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Texas Pell Grants?

When trying to figure out whether or not they are eligible to apply for Texas Pell Grants, students should keep the below points in mind.

  • Students who are behind or in default on their student loans cannot be considered for a Pell Grant.
  • Students who have been incarcerated are not eligible.
  • Only undergraduate students are eligible to receive assistance through a Pell Grant.
  • A student’s school must be a participant in title IV programs.
  • To be eligible, a student’s EFC (estimated family contribution) must be lower than $3,850.

How to Apply for Texas Pell Grants:

If a student thinks they might be eligible for Texas Pell Grants, the next step is to apply. Applying for a Pell Grant is quick and easy. All a student has to do is fill out the FAFSA. Upon doing so, the FAFSA will record the student’s information and use it to determine whether or not a student is eligible to receive funding from a Pell Grant.

Not only is applying for Texas Pell Grants extremely easy and time efficient, a Texas Pell Grant can be a way to receive financial assistance without becoming deeper in debt.

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