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Other Grants

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Religion Grants

Both government and private sector foundations offer religious entities grants for building projects, outreach ministries, mission trips, youth programs and community faith-based initiatives, amongst others. Persons applying for these grants must demonstrate that they are legitimately affiliated with the indicated religious group and that it has their religious group’s backing in the endeavour.

Disability Grants

For individuals with a disability, either physical or mental, there is much aid available in the form of grants to assist in education, personal financial needs, and research, amongst others. The government and private institutions understand the personal struggle that these people undergo and as such offer assistance to help ease their difficulties. In order to qualify for these grants, you must have legal testimonials and doctors confirmations of your disability.

Social Wellness and Sports Grants

These grants are intended to encourage a healthy, active, happy, lifestyle in the American people that fosters and strengthens confidence and independence. They include education, research, community initiatives, and like-minded small businesses. These grants can be solicited for initiatives such as: treatment/recovery programs for drugs and alcohol, counsellor training, youth activity programs, injury prevention, nutrition, diabetes, and sports training, competition and scholarships.

Child Care Tax Credit
This tax credit is intended to give tax payers a break on expenses paid for childcare for their children under thirteen; or other dependents qualifying with a physical or mental illness that prevents them from self-care.

The credit is a percentage of the work-related caregiver services contracted, which is up to 35 percent of these expenses, depending on your income.

For one qualifier the amount claimed can be up to $ 3,000; while for 2 or more qualifying dependants you can claim up to $ 6,000.

Conditions Include:

  • You must have claimed an income from wages, salaries, tips, etc.
  • Dependant must have lived with you for at least half of the claiming year.
  • You cannot have received dependent care benefits from your employer

Farm Loan Programs

To encourage small, family-sized farming and ranching operations, The Federal Service Agency (FSA) offers these businesses, who otherwise cannot obtain commercial credit from a bank or other lender, farm ownership (FO) and operating loans (OL). These loans can be used to construct buildings, buy land, livestock, equipment, and other necessary supplies.

Crop Insurance

This is another benefit program geared towards the United States farming industry. Crop Insurance protects crop and livestock farmers against losses in the event of a natural disaster. There are a variety of different plans depending on your farming vocation and the state you live in.

Fisherman’s Contingency Fund

The Fisherman’s Contingency Fund is set up to compensate fisherman for economic and property losses caused by oil and gas obstructions. This money comes from funds provided by offshore oil and gas interests, and the money paid out to the Commercial fisherman usually amounts to about 50 percent of the gross income lost.

Conditions to Qualify:

  • Must be a commercial fisherman
  • Must have proof of suffered losses in income resulting from oil and gas obstructions

Military Disability

This is a Combat- Related Special Compensation (CRSC) fund is for military retirees with combat-related disabilities. Eligible soldiers could be provided with a monthly tax-free compensation.

The CRSC outlines 5 conditions to qualify:

  • Active, Reserve, or Medically retired with at least 20 years of service
  • Receiving retired pay
  • Retired pay is offset by Veterans Administration (VA) payments
  • Have 10% or greater VA rated injury
  • Have at least one VA rated injury determined to have been combat-related.

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