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Art Grant

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art grants

It is not impossible to make money doing what you love and by being creative.

Getting anywhere these days in the Art field is a very difficult thing to accomplish, especially with the costs involved in doing so. Many markets are flooded with people who have a little talent and not enough support or motivation to be the true artist that they could be. Artists are flooding every market imaginable and it makes it very hard to find funding. Don’t lose hope though! It is not impossible to make money doing what you love and by being creative. There are several foundations and institutions out there that are willing to give art grants to those artists who are truly talented and who are also dedicated to becoming a successful artist.

The most important part of trying to get your art grant is the proposal that you will present to an institution or foundation. You will need to write a proposal stating what your intentions are as far as your long term goals and short term goals. This should include what supplies and equipment you need to have to reach your goals whether it be a small one-room studio filled with paintbrushes and paints or a building full of kilns and pottery wheels. There are grants called unrestricted grants that can not only take care of your hardware and space needs but also your living expenses while you reach for the finish line.

Some of the organizations that give art grants are the New York Foundation for the Arts, Creative Capital, Foundation Center, the Res Artist Network, and the Alliance of Artist Communities. Of course, there are several more, but these are the top resources to look into if you are serious about obtaining an art grant to help further your career as a creative artist. Whether you choose to work with glass, canvas, pottery, metal, photography, or any other type of medium for your art form, you can find assistance from these and other foundations for the arts if you do a little research and put in a little time and effort.

Art grants are great to have if you are looking to be successful, but you will definitely need concrete proof of your abilities as an artist. Having a portfolio that contains a wide variety of your work is always beneficial when applying for assistance and it will up the chances of getting approved for said grants if you can submit evidence of your talent to one or more art grant providers. The best part is that you can submit a request for assistance from anywhere in the country and still get approved for help if you present yourself to the right institution.

All it takes is a little work and a strong desire to further your artistic career and you can be well on the way to becoming a very successful artist in whichever field you choose. Start looking for art grants today and you can join an elite group of people who have pursued their dreams in the vast, ever-growing field of art.

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