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Law Grants

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Practically all students pursuing a degree in law or attending law school need help paying for their studies. Law grants are free money gifts that enable these students to complete their law studies while not accumulating the debt load associated with student loans. Law grants are available from both public and private funding sources, each having their own set of eligibility requirements and differing amounts awarded.

Where Does the Money Come From?

If you are a law student in search of a law grant, the first place you will want to look is your school. Law Schools, as well as university departments of law get frequent and sizeable donations. School alumni are encouraged to make monetary donations and do so to ensure the continued success of the institution. Part of this money is used to offer new students scholarships and grants to fund their education.

Your university’s department of law or your law school will also have a wealth of information on available grants. If your grades are particularly high you will likely qualify for a scholarship, but if not they will definitely be able to provide accurate information on what private law grants are available and where to look. Professional law associations, firms, organizations and businesses are all great funding resources and often regular funding contributors to law students.

Minority Law Grants

You will also have an advantage to obtaining a law grant if you are an ethnic minority or a female student. This is because the field of law has been traditionally dominated by white males and industry representatives are doing their best to change this distribution. Consider Cornell and Michigan State University that are especially helpful with giving financial backing to minorities.
Law Grants for Low-Income Students

Aspiring law students can also qualify for a law grant based on financial need. If you have already been accepted into law school and the only thing that is holding you back are funds, not to worry. Various law schools offer grants to students who can demonstrate financial need, and the ABA (American Bar Association) also offers scholarships and grants for those who are coming from low income families.

Low income students should also not discount the traditional college entry grants available. Contact the financial aid department at the school you are applying to, or fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application online to secure your free law grant.

The Application Process

Applying for a law grant can often be a long and cumbersome process. This process can be sped up through the use of a free grant kit. These kits have a list of all pertinent law grants, along with the eligibility requirements for each. By having a complete list right in front of you, you can avoid hours of searching the net for related law grants and the associated qualifications need to apply.

The grant kit will also provide you with assistance throughout the entire application process avoiding unnecessary errors and explaining unclear requirements. Apply for your free grant today.

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