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Military Grants

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Members of the United States Armed forces work hard to keep our country safe. They risk their lives and make personal life sacrifices in order to protect the United States and to protect her Freedoms. After all the hard work of these active duty members and veterans, it is only fitting that the government provide the financial backing to prepare veterans  for a sustainable future and career.

There a several different military grants available to retired and previous active duty service members depending on their unique needs. Just a few are listed below:

united states military grant programs

It is important for a veteran to be thorough and diligent when they conducting a grant search, so they don’t miss out on available funding opportunities

G.I. Bill

The most commonly known of these military grants is the G.I. Bill. This is a general grant that provides money for college or vocational education for G.I.s who have completed their service. There are no restrictions to the type of studies pursued, and the government will provide up to $40,000 depending on your specific tuition fees and associated school expenses.  With Recent changes to the G.I Bill program, spouses and Children of military members may also use these funds.

NBCC Foundation Military Scholarship Program

Aside from the G.I Bill, there are a variety of other military grants aimed at educating and reintegrating G.I.s into American society. Many of these grants are aimed specifically towards former Armed Forces members who are seeking to major in specific fields of study. The NBCC Foundation Military Scholarship Program is one such example. The government is in critical need of mental health professionals, and as such is eager to provide a significantly subsidized education to former and current military members who plan on becoming professional counselors. A special preference is also given to those who want to serve military personnel.

General Henry “Hap” Arnold Education Grant Program

Children of current, retired, or deceased members of the military can receive a $2,000 grant towards their education.

The American Legion Legacy Scholarship

The American Legion Legacy Scholarship will also provide grants to the children of military personnel who have died on or after 9/11.

Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant

Men and women injured while serving the military can apply for a Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs. These grants are for veterans who need to modify their living spaces to accommodate wheelchairs as well as mobility devices ramps that accommodate entering, exiting and navigating stairs. SAH grants can also be used to purchase land to build specially adapted houses on or to purchase adapted homes that already exist. SAH grants can also be used by veterans to pay mortgages on specially adapted homes that they already own.

The Dream Makers Grant

The Dream Makers Grant is another useful grant available to veterans who want to buy their first home or have recently lost one to financial hardship. Created by the Pentagon Foundation, Dream Makers awards up to $5,000 to its recipients that they can use to pay down-payments or closing costs.


AMVETs is a veterans services organization dedicated to supporting those who have served time in the United States military. They also offer Grants to Provide Stability. GPS grants can be used by veterans who apply for them, to pay rent and utility bills. The grants they offer are eligible to men and women who were in the National Guard as well as those who are in the Reserves. AMVETs also has a national scholarship program for veterans who seek educational financial aid. You don’t need to be a member of AMVETs to apply and qualify for this scholarship. States nationwide also offer funding to veterans who need tuition assistance. State-funded tuition grants cover up to a veteran’s total cost of tuition. They can be used to pay for part-time as well as full-time study. When veterans begin the financial aid process, they’re offered the opportunity to seek these awards, and they are some of the most generous grants that veterans receive.

Branch Based Grants

There are also numbers of grants that are only for veterans who served in particular branches of the military. Veterans of the Air Force, for example, can apply for grants from the Air Force Aid Society. The financial assistance awarded by them to former Air Force personnel does not have to be paid back. It can be used to pay for funerals or emergency travel. It can be put towards moving expenses.  Check with your local Veterans Administration for your service targeted grants.

The military grants mentioned in this article are just a select few of those available. Military personnel and their families could benefit from available military grants to help pay for housing, education, living expenses and so much more. For a complete list of available military grants consider ordering a free grant kit that will provide you with a complete list of available grants and what exactly you need to do to apply for them.

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