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Travel Grants

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When you hear the word travel grant you quite likely have a flash in your mind of a palaeontologist dressed in beige brushing off dinosaur bones he has found in Africa. While this person is probably conducting his/her work on a travel grant, you do not have to be a scholar to obtain one.

Travel grants are an excellent way to finance student travel. These grants are designed to help provide the necessary capital to fund your excursion and equip you with all the essential tools to make your trip a success. Therefore, whether you are planning to study abroad or conduct research abroad, there is money available. Below are additional details about the travel grants available and where to find them.

Study Abroad Travel Grants

Study abroad travel grants help make possible student dreams of visiting other countries and learning about other cultures. There are two notable federal government grants that target their funding towards undergraduate and graduate students for study overseas: the National Security Education Program (NESP) and the Fulbright Program.

NSEP gives travel grants to students to subsidize the cost of going abroad to a critical country to study its language and culture. There are five different travel grants available through this program, all with varying criteria.

The Fulbright Program is a federally sponsored international educational exchange program. Participants are chosen based on academics and leadership skills, and are awarded a grant that financially enables them to study abroad.

Then there are private corporations, organizations and foundations that also give travel grants for students to study abroad. For example, the Coca-Cola Foundation, Amoco, Chrysler Corporation, etc., have given funds for overseas study.

Research Travel Grants

There are also research travel grants enabling student and professional researchers to realize research projects that are too costly to fund on their own. Travel grants are given to conduct on site research, as well as to attend conferences intended to provide opportunity to advance research activities, and/or enhance visibility in the research community. Research travel grants can usually be used to cover the expenses from transportation, accommodation and eating, too.

Research travel grants are available through most universities. You may want to contact your program department and ask for upcoming research travel grants for which you could apply. The money awarded to you will vary on your research objectives and financial need.

Need Help Applying?

If applying for a travel grant seems overwhelming or too time consuming, you may consider using a grant kit. With the information provided in the kit, you will be able to find grants completely suited to your needs and get a faster approval than if you were to go through the application process on your own. Your time is valuable and the grant kit can help you make the most of it.

To apply for your free grant kit simply click on the link below, fill out your mailing address and the kit will be on your way to getting your free travel grant in no time at all.

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