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The federal, state and local government offer a wide variety of financial assistance programs in favor of individuals and organizations. This included over 1,000 Federal Programs, 24,000 State Programs, 30,000 Private Foundations, and over 20,000 Scholarship programs. Thousands of programs are still available and millions of dollars are yet to be claimed.

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) describes the grants that are available, the eligibility requirements, the overall objective of the grant, and other information. So once you have defined what type of grant you are seeking, you can look in the CFDA to see if there is a grant available that meets your criteria, and whether or not you can meet the criteria in order to apply. Be sure to read all of the details regarding the grant you are interested in. The federal grant you are seeking may be handled at the state level only. If so, find out what the state requirements are.

Federal policy dictates that you must register in the SAM system (System for Award Management) and obtain a DUNS number (Data Universal Numbering System) before you begin your application. Apply online at and on for registration and for the DUNS number assignment. There is no charge for obtaining the numbers, nor is there a fee charged for applying for any grant. If you wish to file for a grant on behalf of an organization, company, government, or institution, you will also have to obtain an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR).

To access all available grant programs in your region it is important that you read the guidelines below. Take action now to have your grant kit package shipped today.

Category Total Recovery Act Funds Fund Paid Out
Tax Benefits $288 Billion $99.1 Billion
Contracts, Grants, Loans $275 Billion $93.2 Billion
Entitlements $224 Billion $122.3 Billion

Government Grant Application Guidelines

Steps to Follow
Step Confirm your citizenship below and fill up the forms
Step Complete the registration process
Step Find a grant opportunity for which you would like to apply
Things to Remember
We will not check your credit
You do not need a co-signer
You are eligible with poor credit or declaration of bankruptcy
Selected funding opportunities are available for Non-US Citizens
Find Grant Resources
All grant opportunities can be searched by Category, Agency or by US State. The two main categories are individual and organization. *Note* All Applications for small businesses should be registered under the individual section. If you are applying in behalf of an organisation please specify if you belong to the following.
Government Organizations
Education Organizations
Public Housing Organizations
Non-Profit Organizations
For-Profit Organizations

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*Non US citizens are also eligible to apply for grants.

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