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Technology Grants

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In today’s fast-paced world, technology is almost essential to increase production and possibilities for creativity. Obviously, since higher-tech often warrants a higher price tag, gathering the necessary funds can take an enormous financial toll on non-profit organizations, schools, and others who seek technological advancement. Thankfully, there are many technology grants available that assist such companies, schools, and organizations.

According to, organizations can receive grants from both federal, state, and local governments. The site outlines various organizations that are eligible for applying for grants, such as higher-education, schools, local governments, and healthcare agencies. As reported on the site, it is important note that mostly schools and non-profit organizations are awarded such grants since they are service-based. However, if for-profit organizations provide job creation or research, then these organizations might also be considered.

The Houston Chronicle at provides a host of resources for technology grants, such as The National Endowment for the Humanities. Each year, this group awards new businesses the Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant in order to encourage the development and application of innovative technology. This grant is one of many listed at the U.S. Government site, On this site, organizations have the opportunity to apply for grants through the online application process. First, an organization must register with Then, a Grant Application Package should be filled out offline then uploaded to the site at Finally, the site provides grant application tracking, which allows applicants to track the status of their submitted applications.

Another grant opportunity suggested by is the K-12 HP Technology for Teaching Grant. According to HP’s official site, the purpose of this grant is to promote technological advancement in the K-12 classroom. 157 public schools were awarded the grant in 2004 alone. Depending on a particular school’s effectiveness with incorporating new technologies in the classroom, there also exists the opportunity for HP to reinvest in that school.

The William Keck Foundation awards grants for unique projects that seek to challenge and change a specific issue. According to the Foundation’s website, the Foundation prefers to fund endeavors that approach a problem from a unique perspective and that seek to eliminate the challenge using innovative methods. The Foundation provides more specifics and the opportunity to apply at

The Community Foundation of Silicon Valley also provides grants for a host of projects and situations, including education. Interested parties can apply for grants at However, these are just a handful of many opportunities available from numerous companies, and with such a large selection of agencies that offer grants, this greatly improves an organization’s chances of receiving the desired funds for advancement.

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