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Texas Housing Grants

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What Are Texas Housing Grants?

Texas is one of the leading states in providing a variety of programs to help families make their mortgage and utility bill payments. Texas housing grants can provide immediate financial assistance for Texas residents who are facing foreclosure. In addition, housing grants can provide immediate loans to families who are strapped for cash due to a high mortgage payment. Housing grants in Texas also help first-time home buyers achieve their dream of purchasing a home. They also help low income families reduce the cost of their utility bills. Texas housing grants can also provide funding for repairs that are needed in homes for low income and moderate income individuals.

Benefits of Texas Housing Grants

The overall benefit of Texas housing grants is that they improve the conditions of low income housing. Developers can receive funding from the state in order to improve the appearance and facilities of neighborhoods for low income families. Texas housing grants also relieve families of financial pressure in making their monthly mortgage payments. Some individuals have suffered the consequences of having high interest payments with a mortgage that has an adjustable interest rate. These programs can also seek to stabilize an adjustable rate mortgage and make paying for a home an affordable process.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for Texas Housing Grants?

Typically, only low income families or individuals are able to apply for Texas housing grants. However, in some instances, individuals with a high income may be able to qualify for a loan modification in order to avoid losing a home due to foreclosure. Preventing foreclosure is another statewide goal of the home assistance programs in Texas.

How to Apply for Texas Housing Grants

To apply for Texas housing grants, interested individuals should go to the website for the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA). The website lists all of the available housing grant assistance programs that are available through the state. In addition, home buyers can find out whether they will qualify for a loan modification or grant by using one of the calculators available on the website. The website also lists information for federal housing assistance programs that Texas residents may take advantage of to avoid foreclosure of a home.

To obtain a grant for buying a home for the first time, an individual will have to meet with one of the approved lenders listed on the website.

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