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California Housing Grants

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What is California Housing Grants?

California housing grants are implemented to assist residents who have fallen upon difficult financial times. According to recent studies, the median household income is slightly over $60,000 while the average home value is closely approaching $500,000. The primary initiative of California housing grants is to prevent homeowners from losing their homes while encouraging residents to enhance their income by obtaining a job or seeking higher employment.

Not only are California housing grants available to help offset the financial burden of owning a home, but grants are available to enhance a home’s disaster resiliency and for construction and rehabilitation of property.

Benefits of California Housing Grants

The obvious benefit of California housing grants is to prevent homeowners from defaulting on their mortgage while promoting self-sufficiency. Specific benefits will vary according to the actual grant; however, all grants are designed to assist residents in a financial crisis.

California housing grants are not delivered directly to the home or property owner, but rather the funds are the delivered to the local California Housing and Community Development agency or other designated public agencies. This process benefits residents as it ensures the funds are carefully handled and only given to those who are truly in need.

Who is Eligible to Apply for California Housing Grants?

As with other forms of grants, the eligibility requirements for California housing grants vary according to the specific grant program. Although grant requirements differ, all grants require applications to meet certain income and geographical location criteria. Along with the aforementioned eligibility requirements, certain grants are specifically designed for minorities.

The term minority within the scope of California housing grants refers to the nationality, race, gender, familial status, disability and religion. The primary goal of such grant programs is to promote fair housing amongst groups who often face discrimination or socioeconomic hardship.

How to Apply for California Housing Grants

Although the eligibility requirements for California housing grants differ, the application process for the majority of these programs is strikingly similar. Once a resident meets the eligibility requirements for a housing grant, he must visit the local grant awarding agency to fill out the application. The application process typically requires income and residency verification. Due to the large number of California housing grants and their specific application process, the suggested method is to contact the local California Housing and Community Development agency for application instructions.

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