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California Federal Grants

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When it comes to finding financial assistance for college, students may find themselves looking for every grant, scholarship, and loan available. Fortunately, there are plenty of California Federal Grants available for students seeking financial assistance.

What are California Federal Grants?

California Federal Grants are grants that are funded by the California Student Aid Commission. There are numerous federal grants available unique to the state of California. In most cases, these federal grants are available to low income students seeking financial assistance. The state of California offers three primary grants for low income students: Cal Grant A, Cal Grant B, and Cal Grant C. Cal Grant A offers financial assistance to students looking to attend public or independent colleges. Cal Grant B focuses on assisting students with living allowances to help pay for living expenses, tuition, and books. Finally, Cal Grant C is available to help students enrolled in vocational, occupational, and technical programs.

The Benefits of California Federal Grants:

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of California Federal Grants, most California Federal Grants do not have to be paid back after graduation. Students who receive assistance through a federal grant will not end up deeper in debt after graduation.

Who is Eligible to Apply for California Federal Grants?

Depending on the type of grant, low income students that are legal residents of the state of California are eligible for California Federal Grants. Other specifics will depend on each individual grant, but typically center around school type, financial need, area of study, and academic standing.

How to apply for California Federal Grants:

In order to receive a California Federal Grants, students are required to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in addition to the Cal Grant GPA Verification form. Students must fill out these applications between January 1st and March 2nd of the year they plan attending in college in the fall of. The application process for California Federal Grants is not difficult and the FAFSA can lead to plenty of financial assistance opportunities. If seeking financial assistance that doesn’t have to be paid back after graduation, California Federal Grants are the way to go.

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