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California Grants for Women

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What are California Grants for Women?

California Grants for Women are forms of monetary assistance specifically for women residing in the State of California. They do not have to be repaid, and they are designed to assist women to become successful and productive. These grants may assist women to go back to school, start a community empowering organization, or give struggling or minority women a chance to be successful.

Benefits of California Grants for Women

The potential of California Grants for Women is unlimited. Some grants are very specific. Usually such grants are for continuing education, or are targeting a specific area of financial need. California programs like CalWORKS and CalFRESH help needy women and families with basic living needs. However, many grants are purposefully given only very broad usage guidelines. There are many organizations that want to financially support creative and devoted women to give something special to their community. The sky is the limit with these types of grants. Any woman with a unique vision and the passion to see it through may qualify for a grant from any number of philanthropic organizations. These are usually considered “business” or “nonprofit” grants.

Who is Eligible to Apply for California Grants for Women?

Each specific grant has its own requirements. Any woman who can show financial need for California Grants for Women may usually apply for them. This is especial true of state sponsored grant programs. Business or nonprofit grant eligibility is highly specific. If a woman can prove her vision aligns well with that of the organization she is trying to get a grant from she is more likely to be considered eligible. It is important to thoroughly research a grant before applying. Also many grants are not gender limited and woman almost always have an equal opportunity to acquire grant funds.

How to Apply for California Grants for Women?

Applying for California Grants for Women usually involves two major steps. The first step is a basic statement of financial need and eligibility. For state sponsored programs simply visit to find grants. For business or non-profit grants a statement of eligibility will need to be followed by a grant write-up. This is a statement to the grant provider detailing what the grant will be used for and what benefits it will have. Grant funders have many options for their money and want to ensure it is well spent.

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