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New York Federal Grants

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Regardless of area of study, students often find that funding their educational endeavors can be quite challenging. Fortunately for students in New York, there are numerous New York Federal Grants that can assist students in obtaining their undergraduate degrees.

What are New York Federal Grants?

New York Federal Grants are available to students who are legal residents of New York. Unlike other student loans, federal grants do not have to paid back after a student graduates. However, federal grants have different eligibility criteria than student loans and scholarships.

Benefits of New York Federal Grants:

As most college students quickly find out, paying for college can be difficult if not impossible to do without loans, grants, and or scholarships. Of course, when a student receives a student loan, the student is responsible for paying the money back, typically with interest, after graduation. With a New York Federal Grant, students don’t have to pay the money back after graduation; a New York Federal Grant is essentially free money.

Who is Eligible to Apply for New York Federal Grants?

Students who are legal residents are eligible to apply for New York Federal Grants. However, federal grants have different eligibility requirements than scholarships or student loans. In most cases, federal grants will look at financial need more than anything else. Of course, other factors such as academic performance and area of study are also taken into consideration.

How to Apply for New York Federal Grants:

Students looking to apply for New York Federal Grants will find that the process is uncomplicated. The best thing for students to do is fill out the FAFSA; the FAFSA will collect vital information from students that will determine their eligibility for a federal grant. In addition to filling out the FAFSA, students are encouraged to get in touch with their school of choice to see if there may be additional federal grants that they are eligible for. Students can also do a simple search for “New York Federal Grants” to ensure that they haven’t missed any federal grants they may be eligible for.

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