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New York Education Grants

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Who Is Eligible To Apply For New York Education Grants

There are many different New York Education Grants available to serve New York residents and assist in them meeting their goals of higher education and enrichment. Some of these grants are administered by the Department of Education in New York, and have various eligibility requirements. Here are two popular New York Education Grants that have relatively relaxed eligibility guidelines that all prospective and current New York students should consider applying for.

The New York State Tuition Assistance Program

Eligibility: Any legal New York State resident who is also a United States Citizen (or a person who is not a US Citizen, but is eligible for assistance) that is studying at an approved college in New York State.
Each applicant should have graduated from High School or acquired his or her GED, and they should be taking a minimum of 12 credits per semester as a full time participant in their degree program.

The applicant should have decided on a major, be in good academic standing, and paying at minimum of Two-Hundred dollars in tuition annually.

For TAP it is a requirement that all applicants are in good standing financially and have not defaulted on prior federal student loans.

Award: There is no set amount awarded with TAP, it depends on the applicant’s income, financial status, and the cost of tuition at the school the applicant attends.

Aid For Part-Time Study in the State of New York

This grant is perfect for those who are unable to study full-time and choose part- time college attendance to meet their educational needs.
Eligibility: United States Citizens (or eligible citizens of another country) who are also New York State residents that have attained either a high school diploma or a GED.

Eligible applicants will have met academic standards, pay a minimum of One-Hundred Dollars in tuition annually and have not defaulted on any student loans provided by the Federal or State government.

Applicants are considered based on their financial needs. Income, family income (when applicable), and tuition costs are all factors in whether or not an award is given, and how much is provided if an applicant is chosen.

Award: Up to Two-Thousand Dollars per academic year for undergraduate studies. The award will never be more than the total cost of tuition.

How to apply for a New York State Education Grant

Applications can be found in the financial aid offices of the college and applicant is or will be attending. It is in an applicant’s best interest to acquire and complete the paperwork as soon as possible, as grant funding is limited and is awarded on a first come first serve basis.

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