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Illinois Pell Grants

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For students seeking additional financial assistance to pay for college, Illinois Pell Grants can be a great and affordable solution.

What are Illinois Pell Grants?

Illinois Pell Grants are a form of financial assistance funded by the United States Department of Education. Unlike some other forms of financial aid, the Pell Grant is a national form of financial aid. When applying for a Pell Grant, a student is required to go through the Federal Student Aid Program. It doesn’t matter what state a student lives in; Illinois Pell Grants can provide financial assistance.

Benefits of Illinois Pell Grants:

There are numerous advantages to receiving a Pell Grant. Unlike so many other forms of loans and types of financial aid, students are not required to pay the money obtained from Illinois Pell Grants back. After graduation, the amount a student owes on student loans can often be overwhelming; a Pell Grant is a fantastic way to receive assistance without sinking further into debt.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Illinois Pell Grants?

If a student is trying to figure out whether or not they are eligible for Illinois Pell Grants, the following should be taken into consideration.

To be eligible to receive assistance from a Pell Grant, a student’s EFC (estimated family contribution) must be no higher than $3,850.
Students who have be incarcerated will not be considered for a Pell Grant.
In order to use a Pell Grant, students must be attending a school that is a title IV program participant.
Students must be undergraduate students; at this time Pell Grants are not available for graduate students.
If a student is in default on a student loan, they are not eligible to receive a Pell Grant.

How to Apply for Illinois Pell Grants:

When it comes to applying for Illinois Pell Grants, the process is extremely easy. Unlike other forms of financial aid, students don’t have to fill out a separate application. Instead, all students have to do is fill out the FAFSA; the information obtained through the FAFSA will automatically determine whether or not a student is eligible for a Pell Grant.

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