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Illinois Education Grants

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What are Illinois Education Grants?

Illinois education grants are distributed by the state government as a way of helping residents get the education they want. Many of the grants are given to certain groups of people within the state. This can include women, minorities as well as those who are interested in studying a particular subject that will make an impact on the state in some way. The grants are available in various denominations and virtually any resident of the state can apply for the grants.

Benefits of Illinois Education Grants

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Illinois education grants is that it’s free money. The money is awarded to the state by the federal government and then distributed to residents at the state’s discretion. The money does not need to be paid back, allowing a person to get the education they need without incurring large sums of debt.

Another advantage to Illinois education grants is that it will ultimately improve the economy of the state. More educated, working class individuals will improve the economy. Areas where there are not enough qualified individuals are where the bulk of the education grants lie.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Illinois Education Grants?

Anyone who is a legal United States citizen and a resident of the state of Illinois are immediately eligible for grants. However, the Illinois education grants have very specific requirements that a person must meet in order to be considered for the grant. Such eligibility requirements include being of a certain minority, living within a certain county or going to school for a certain subject. Community service, a high GPA and other requirements may also be stipulations of being awarded the grant.

Illinois education grants list what is required. An application will need to be submitted and in most cases, a FAFSA will also need to be submitted to show financial need on the part of the person looking to continue their education.

How to Apply for Illinois Education Grants

The state of Illinois maintains a list of Illinois education grants at The site provides a list of all grants being offered at any given time. Within each grant lists the requirements of eligibility. As long as a person meets the requirements, the application can be downloaded and completed. There may be additional items that must be completed or submitted along with the application, such as completing the FAFSA, writing an essay or other additional information.

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