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Florida Grants For Women

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What Are Florida Grants for Women?

Florida grants for women are stipends from the government that may be used toward the creation of a small business, paying for one’s education, or paying for housing. The state government provides funds also to assist low income women in raising their children or providing them with daycare. A Florida grant never has to be repaid and is not considered a loan. It is basically free money from the government.

Benefits of Florida Grants for Women

Florida grants for women can provide women with a bit of extra cash to make ends meet. If a woman has a particular interest in promoting a public interest, such as the ending of discrimination, then she may qualify for a Florida grant. For example, every year the Women’s Sports Foundation offers grants of up to $5,000 for women. These grants give women the opportunity to create educational programs that display the barriers of homophobia in our society. The First Time Home Buyer program is another example of a program that offers a grant to women to help them purchase their first home.

Who is eligible to apply for Florida Grants for Women

A variety of Florida grants directed at women are available. However, the criteria for each grant usually depends on the audience that the grant is aimed toward. Some grants only provide grants for women who meet “diversity” criteria, while other grants require that women have a disability of some sort. The majority of Florida grants are typically aimed at older women over the age of twenty-five. Grants for younger women are usually considered scholarships for college or grad school.

How to apply for Florida Grants for Women

To apply for Florida grants for women, first make a list of all of the potential grants that interest you. Figure out what the deadline and application criteria are for these grants. Some grants may be less involved and only require a simple form that must be filled out. Other grants will require that you develop an abstract paper or business proposal. You may also need to do interviews with the grant organization and provide recommendation letters in order to receive the grant. Depending on how much available time you have, choose two to three grants to apply for on a weekly basis. Also, choose a grant that genuinely interests you. An application committee will be able to better understand your passion to contribute to the greater good with a grant.

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