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Michigan Water Pollution Crisis Funding

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Michigan Water Pollution Crisis Funding - Government Grants -

A total of ten health centers in Michigan are set to receive $1 million each in a form of government grant money to be used in the reparation and expansion of the health facilities. This was made public by the U.S Department of Health and Human services on Wednesday.

This proclamation coincides with President Obama’s visit to Flint in an effort to deliberate on the water crisis that has hit the region. According to the HHC public proclamation, Genesee Health System in Flint is among the government grants beneficiaries, which will help the families that have been affected by the lead detoxification in Flint.

According to the Department of Health, the grant will be used by the health facilities to enhance their patient population and offer extra inclusive primary and precautionary health services to the Michigan communities that have scarce medical facilities. Specifically, the grant will be channeled to three organizations found in Detroit and medical facilities in Kalamazoo, Flint and Jackson. Other funds will be availed in Bangor found in Southwest Michigan, Sterling as well as Hillman.

Apart from Genesee Health Facilities, other centers bound to benefit from the government grants are;

  • Center for Family Health in Jackson
  • Covenant Community Care in Detroit
  • Detroit Health for the Homeless in Detroit
  • Family Health Centre in Kalamazoo
  • Intercare Community Health Network in Bangor
  • Sterling Area Health Centre
  • Thunder Bay Community Health Centre found in Hillman
  • Upper Great Lakes Family Health Centre in Gwinn
  • The Wellness Plan in Detroit

The grant will enhance the health facilities to recondition and purchase fresh health center clinical space to assist in offering medical attention to an approximate population of 52, 965 patients in Michigan. The government grant allocated for Genesee Health System is a portion a rejoinder by the federal government in addressing the water calamity in Flint.

According to the HHS assistant secretary for preparedness and resource, Dr. Nicole Lurie, it is significant for the inhabitants of Flint to receive adequate healthcare. This incorporates treatment and nourishment education to help them recuperate from potential health effects of lead exposure.

In February, two health centers in Flint received a total of $ 500, 000 in emergency and additional funding. This was meant to assist in contracting extra employees to offer expansive lead testing, treatment, enlightenment and education aimed at addressing the growing need for health services in the region.

According to the announcement by the U.S Department of Health and Human services, the government funds will build on the initiatives from the grants received in February. Furthermore, this affirms the government effort to ensure that Flint inhabitants have access to safe water and other services. This will help them to recuperate from the detrimental effects of lead adulteration especially in the water supply.

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