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FedEx Launches Small Business Grant Contest

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FedEx Launches Small Business Grant Contest - Government Grant -

Small businesses can find securing funding difficult during a weak economy like the one we’re in now. A government grant program that was available in the past may no longer be active. Banks are looking for a history of financial success to loan money, something new business can’t show yet.

It’s encouraging when a company like FedEx, in a continuing effort to support the small business owners who make up a large portion of FedEx shippers, jumps in to help. The shipping giant recently launched a small business grant contest aimed at putting some extra cash in the hands of some of their best customers.

The grant program is two-fold. Ten small businesses will be awarded money grants to assist then in growing, money that they were unable to acquire through government grants or conventional loans. A secondary benefit to participants is the community exposure to other business owners who work closely with FedEx to grow their businesses.

Entry to the contest is simple. The business owner needs to submit a letter that tells the story behind the operation and how the grant would help move it forward. Entries must be received by May 30th to be eligible to win one of the ten grants.

Grant prizes

  • One Grand Prize @ $25,000
  • One Second Prize @ $15,000
  • Eight Grants @ $7,500 each

Contest Period – May 3 – May 30

Two things are required from each entrant:

Company Profile – Write a short profile of your business including the history, personnel involved and what the business does. Make it positive, and outline how grant money would make a positive difference for the business operation.

Photographs – Gather four photographs which depict the business location and products involved. Have a least one photo showing the exterior, one or two of the work stations and employees and one that shows the products or services the business provides.

“Elevator Pitch” (Optional) – Write a one-minute pitch about the highlights of your business and what it should be awarded a FedEx grant. Think of it as one of those television infomercials where you have a minute to show how wonderful and exciting your product is. This “pitch” is not required in the entry packet, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt your cause.

Be sure to submit the package to FedEx no later than May 30.

On-line Voting – May 17 – June 13

In a unique concept to choose the winners, FedEx decided to let the public make that decision. The winners will be chosen by public online voting over the internet. The voting begins on May 17 and ends on June 13. Businesses who are entrants are encouraged to get their friends, family members and customers to go to the FedEx website and vote. Enthusiastic supporters can vote once every 24 hours, but business who try and buy votes by offering discounts or gifts will be disqualified.

The participant list will be narrowed down to the top 100 and announced on June 20. The names of the ten winning businesses will be announced on July 11.

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