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BP Gives Grant Money To Universities

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BP gives grant money to universities

In the wake of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the company responsible, British Petroleum, has agreed to give $25 million in grants to universities across Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi.

This money is the first of a $500 million commitment to fund research studies on the effects of the spill. It will be distributed according to each university’s unique research needs with USF’s Florida Institute of Oceanography set to receive the most funds with a $10 million grant.

And while the money is being given to certain institutions and research programs it comes with no stipulations as to how exactly the money should be administered within the project.

“BP has no influence on how we do things, the money we get from them will come with no strings attached,” said William Hogarth, dean of the USF College of Marine Science. “We will do science based on science.”

This grant commitment was made after it became apparent that clean up wasn’t being done as efficiently as possible. ‘Right now there are just too many unknowns that are stalling the clean-up process,’ said Hogarth.

Some of the research initiatives that are set to take place include investigations into the effects of oil on marine life and the environment; studies into how oil disperses in a spill and the ecological interactions it has.

The oil spill occurred when the Deepwater Horizon Well exploded April 20 just off the coast of Florida. The well leaked at a rapid rate for well over a month before a temporary cap was finally put on it.

The full damages are yet unknown but experts say they are far worse than anything we have ever seen before. Officials and volunteers are working around the clock to clean up the mess and prevent the spread of the oil and unnecessary contamination of marine life and coastal vegetation.

It is hoped by all that the grant money received by universities will be pivotal in preventing a disaster of this magnitude to happen again.

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