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William Howard Taft University Wraps Up $3,500 MBA Program

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A Denver-based university recently completed a program that offered Master of Business Administration (MBA) candidates the opportunity to earn the degree for $3,500.

William Howard Taft University announced last June that a grant from Taft University System — the school’s parent organization — allowed it to offer the MBA program for $95 per semester, down from $225. The MBA program was offered exclusively online. To qualify for the discounts, candidates were required to take the the program at an accelerated pace. There were no residency requirements, University officials said.

The program ran during the month of September 2011.

Normal tuition in the University’s M.B.A. Program at the time was $225.00 a semester unit. The grant allowed students to complete the program for an average tuition of only $95.00 per semester unit, according to officials.

Officials said the grant was part of a research study to determine if smaller fees led to higher grades and graduation rates.

Participants were required to be citizens of the United States or Canada. They were also required to have earned a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

William Howard Taft University offers 4 MBA programs.

• MBA Professional Practice Management
• MBA Entrepreneurship
• MBA Health Care Administration.

Under The Taft University System program, students were charged $195 per unit for the first 12 units, $60 per unit for the second 12 units and $30 per unit for the final 12 units. The cost of books and suppliers were not included in tuition.

To qualify for the reduced tuition in the second trimester, the grant guidelines required students to have completed the first trimester within 6 months. In order for students to qualify for the reduced tuition in the third trimester, guidelines required students to have completed the second trimester within 6 months.

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