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Public Safety Grant Implemented In San Diego

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The Department of Homeland Security, as part of the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Grant Program awarded the San Diego region $16.9 million in grant funds that will be implemented in an ongoing effort to protect the citizens of San Diego by funding and assuring all safety measures that are now operationalized will be in their fullest capacity.

Mayor Filner was gratified with the funded award and stated that he was pleased that money of this kind was allocated to the city to assist in his commitment to keep San Diego’s citizens safe. “I am committed to making sure all areas of our City are secure from any type of danger.”

The region received a sizable allocation from USAI in 2012. San Diego will see an increase of approximately $8 million in funding in 2013. The grant will fund development and training for law enforcement personnel, as well as additional equipment and weapons to heighten security and deter potential future terrorist attacks.

Regions vying for grants from the DHS must be analyzed to determine if there is a risk for terrorism, in accordance with eligibility guidelines established after the 9/11 attack. San Diego competed with twenty-five other urban zones across the county for grants listed under the USAI program with DHS. The distribution of money for San Diego is awarded in conjunction with anticipated effectiveness of proposed projects and investments in safety concerns for the area.

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