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Graduate Grants For Women

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Are there really graduate school grants out there for women? Well, there are many women in today’s society who choose to not pursue a graduate degree in favor of getting married and raising children. There is nothing wrong with this decision. However, once their children have become of school age or if they find that their family needs a secondary income in their household, they choose to go back to school to continue their education. Many of these women mistakenly believe that most of the funding available through graduate school grants is directed toward younger kids. There is hope. With an amount of effort put into research, you can discover the plethora of grants and scholarships that are available to you as a woman. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

One such option for graduate school grants is the Jeanette Rankin Foundation. This foundation offers money to women who have a low income and are thirty five years of age or older. To qualify, an applicant must write an essay demonstrating how the financial aid will allow them to improve themselves and their family’s economic situation.

One of the most common situations that women face is a need to return to the work force as second incomes become a necessity in today’s economy. When this situation occurs, it becomes almost a necessity to return to school in order to compete with other college graduates for the jobs that are available. There are graduate school grants, provided by organizations such as Possible Woman Foundation International, that provide grants for women in these unique situations.

Graduate Grants For Women In Accounting

The American Association of University Women’s Career Development Grants

The American Association of University Women’s Career Development Grants assist women who want to continue to graduate school, change careers or pursue degrees in non-traditional fields.

Educational Foundation For Women In Accounting

Another option is that of the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting. This program is specifically geared towards women who are seeking a post graduate degree in accounting. As evidenced, there are plenty of grants available for women.

Graduate Grants For Women in The Arts

While many graduate school grants for women focus on women who are pursuing a degree in fields of science or math, there are grants for women who wish to pursue artistic endeavors as well. One example of such a grant provider would be the College Art Association Grant. This grant is directed at women from different geographic regions where the opportunities for artistic endeavors are limited. There are many options available for women who wish to return to school. However, it is your responsibility to put forth the effort into researching what grants are available to you. Your aspirations for whatever career you choose to study can come true. If you feel as though you have wasted time in the past, you can rectify this by going back to school today.

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