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Green grants for the auto industry

Green Grants to Fund Auto Industry

President Obama allotted $151 million to an auto-factory in Michigan as part of a stimulus to make electric-battery cars. Obama will also highlight a $2.4 billion stimulus aimed at encouraging…

gulf of mexico oil spill clean up

Urgent Grants to Fund the Oil Spill Cleanup

The damage reports have come in from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the repair costs are upwards of $625 million, according to BP (British Petroleum), the multi-billion dollar…

Lockheed Martin grant for ocean energy research

Lockheed Martin Receives $1Million Grant For Ocean Energy Research

May 2010 The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) gave two grants totaling $1 million to Lockheed Martin to determine the possibility of harnessing energy found between the hot and cold…