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Tips for Writing a Good Grant Proposal

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Writing a successful grant proposal involves extensive planning and organization. Funding agencies typically have a specific set of requirements that they are looking for when they are considering awarding a grant to an organization or business. The following tips will help maximize your chances of receiving grant funding for your proposed project:

Research the Funding Agency’s Requirements
Each funding agency has certain criteria they look for when determining which projects to fund. Make sure that your project meets the specific requirements set forth by the agency. If your proposed project does not fit their criteria, continue looking for other funding options.

Develop a Clear Project Plan
Funding agencies want to give grant awards to organizations with projects that are likely to have successful outcomes. Before you seek grant funds, conduct thorough research into the problem your organization wishes to address. Create a clear plan for implementation, evaluation and continuation of your project.

Follow Directions Carefully
Funding agencies generally provide clear instructions on their grant application forms. These instructions may involve restrictions involving word count or font size. These guidelines are not optional; failure to follow the specific instructions on the application may result in immediate rejection.

Include a Cover Letter
Unless the application instructions state not to send a cover letter, always send a cover letter with your grant proposal. A well-crafted cover letter will provide a summary of your organization’s accomplishments and clearly address the reasons why your project is a good match for the grant funds.

Review the Grant Proposal Carefully before Submission
Because competition for grants is extremely competitive, ensure that your grant proposal is flawless before you submit it. Even if you have outlined a very compelling argument as to why your project should be funded, minor errors such as typographical errors or grammar mistakes may cause your proposal to be placed in the rejection pile.

Submit the Proposal before the Deadline
Because grant proposals should be error-free, allow yourself plenty of time to prepare and submit your materials. Funding agencies typically have strict deadlines and will not consider late submissions.

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