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Individual Grants Received

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In 2009 alone, the US Government has awarded more than 7,700 billions of dollars to individuals like you!

There is a lot of confusion and apprehension as to whether individuals actually receive money through government grants. Well, they sure do. Of course there are lots of scams out there; but there are many legitimate grant offers as well, and surprisingly large amounts of US Citizens receive this free money.

There are many reasons why people qualify for these individual grants. There are individual grants for home owners or renters, students, business owners, farmers, and victims of natural disasters to name a few.

So far this year the government has awarded individual grants in unprecedented numbers, as part of their Stimulus Plan to revitalize the economy. Some of the individual grants of interest awarded as of July 2009, indicated by the US federal government on, are:

Recipient Name State Amount Received
J. Dick California $80,000
K. Phillips North Carolina $41,500
Tim Schnoebelen Oklahoma $21,800
P. McKenna Maryland $21,000
Trella Joy Kansas $19,400
Chris Craighead Oklahoma $16,100
Gareth Plant California $10,000
Juan Carlos Caicedo Arizona $10,000
Tommy Gunn Oklahoma $7,300
D. Freeman California $7,200
LaVonne McPheeters Oklahoma $5,500
J. Krumins New Jersey $4,900
F. Bonier Washington $3,800NR
Gerald Barnhart New York $2,660
Ann Marie and David Thornton North Carolina $1,800
J.AW North Carolina $1,000
J. Beals Virginia $1,000
J. Milgroom New York $1,000
J. Rico California $1,000
J. Van Calcar Virginia $1,000
J. Whittle Oklahoma $1,000
K. Kung California $1,000
M. Hoffman Virginia $1,000
M. Motto Virginia $1,000
P. Kamenski Wisconsin $1,000

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