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College Scholarships

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Students entering college and those already enrolled may be looking for ways to reduce the cost of their education. Several types of federal and state grants are available to students with demonstrated financial need. In addition, private grants and scholarships are available to students with financial need as well as those looking for merit-based or other types of awards.

Before applying to private grants and scholarships a student should first apply for federal and state grants by completing the FAFSA Form. Student income is evaluated; those with demonstrated financial need may be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant and/or a FSEOG grant.

If the traditional sources of funding mentioned above are not enough to meet your needs there are alternative sources of financial aid to consider listed below.

Private grants and scholarships

Private grants and scholarships are available from a number of sources including universities, private companies, non-profit organizations and business and service organizations. Often universities award grants and scholarships to those students who demonstrate financial need. Universities also often offer aid to students who excel in various fields like sports, an academic field of study, public service or leadership. These awards may be merit-based rather than need-based.

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Grant

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Grant scholarship program is targeted at students pursuing a career in mathematics, natural sciences, or engineering. It is highly competitive and is only offered to college juniors and seniors. To be considered, a student must be nominated by his or her college or university using the proper documentation provided to each institution.

Conditions to Qualify:

  • Students must be ‘outstanding’ with a relatively high GPA.
  • Must be a US national, citizen, or legal alien
  • Must be pursuing an education in mathematics, natural sciences or engineering and have been accepted into an accredited college, university or degree program

If you would like to learn more about The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Grant visit the official Barry Goldwater Scholarship Grant homepage.

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