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DoD Lung Cancer Clinical Exploration Award

Post Date

April 8th 2015

Application Due Date

September 16th 2015

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Cooperative Agreement

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Science and Technology and other Research and Development

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    $None - $None

Grant Description

The LCRP CEA mechanism was first offered in FY13. Since then, 35 CEA applications have been received, and 5 have been recommended for funding. This award mechanism supports early-phase, proof-of-principle clinical trials and correlative studies to investigate hypothesis-based, innovative interventions that have the potential to resolve current clinical barriers and result in a profound impact on the clinical management of lung cancer. While therapeutic approaches proposed for testing through the CEA must represent novel, hypothesis-based, Яoutside-the-boxН approaches for treating lung cancer, they may include therapies already in clinical use, or undergoing clinical testing for other diseases, provided that the proposed use for lung cancer would lead to a major advancement for treating the disease. Outcomes from studies funded by this award are anticipated to provide scientific rationale for subsequent development of larger, efficacy-based clinical trials of interventions that will transform lung cancer clinical care. Submissions from and partnerships with investigators at military treatment facilities, military labs, and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers and research laboratories are strongly encouraged. Clinical Trials Category: The CEA supports clinical trials encompassing Phase 0, Phase I, or pilot Phase II for drug or drug combinations, Class II or III devices, or other types of trials that conduct early clinical testing of innovative approaches for lung cancer. Information on clinical trials and phases/classes of study is provided in the ЯHuman Subject Resource DocumentН available for download from eBRAP at Correlative Studies Category: The CEA-Correlative Studies category supports innovative, hypothesis-based, correlative studies that derive from ongoing or completed clinical trials supported by other funding sources. These correlative studies, if successful, will have the potential to significantly inform treatment strategies, identify subsets of patients for treatment with specific therapies, provide increased understanding of biological changes resulting from the intervention in lung cancer, or provide other insight that will significantly enhance clinical management of lung cancer. Examples of correlative studies appropriate for submission to the CEA-Correlative Studies category may include, but are not limited to: ╢ Analysis of biomarkers for prognosis and/or prediction or assessment of therapeutic response or progression ╢ Investigations of the mechanism of action or the development of resistance to a drug ╢ Analysis of immune response or factors associated with progression ╢ Characterization of tumor antigens for the development of new improved therapies

Contact Information

  • Agency

    Department of Defense

  • Office:

    Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA

  • Agency Contact:

    Phone: (301) 682-5507

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    CDMRP Help Desk

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