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Alfalfa and Forage Research Program

Post Date

February 1st 2016

Application Due Date

April 13th 2016

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Applications may only be submitted by (1) State agricultural experiment stations; (2) Colleges and universities; (3) University research foundations; (4) Other research institutions and organizations; (5) Federal agencies; (6) National laboratories; (7) Private organizations or corporations; (8) Individuals who are United States citizens or nationals; or (9) A group consisting of two or more of the entities described in (1) through (8).


  • Estimated Total Funding:


  • Award Range:

    $None - $250000

Grant Description

AFRP supports integrated, collaborative research and technology transfer to improve the efficiency and sustainability of conventional and organic forage production systems. AFRP encourages projects that establish multi-disciplinary networks to address priority national or regional science needs of the forage industry. By bringing together expertise from multiple organizations and states, these projects will have greater impact and will enhance the effectiveness of limited state, federal and industry resources. In FY 2016, AFRP will support the development of improved alfalfa forage and seed production systems. NIFA is soliciting applications for the FY 2016 under the following areas: 1.Improving alfalfa forage yield and seed yield through better nutrient, water and/or pest management; 2.Improving persistence of alfalfa stands by lessening biotic or abiotic stresses; 3.Improving alfalfa forage and seed harvesting and storage systems to optimize economic returns; 4.Improving estimates of alfalfa forage quality as an animal feed to increase forage usage in animal feeds; and/or 5.Breeding to address biotic and abiotic stresses that impact alfalfa forage yield and persistence and the production of seed for propagation.

Contact Information

  • Agency

    Department of Agriculture

  • Office:

    National Institute of Food and Agriculture

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    NIFA Help Desk
    Phone: 202-401-5048
    Business hours are M-F, 7:00 am -5:00 pm ET, excluding Federal holidays

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    If you have any questions related to preparing application content

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    Alfalfa and Forage Research Program

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