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Defense Production Act (DPA) Title III Technology Market Research for 3D Microelectronics for Information Protection Project

Post Date

January 6th 2016

Application Due Date

February 5th 2016

Funding Opportunity Number


CFDA Number(s)


Funding Instrument Type(s)

Cooperative Agreement

Funding Activity Categories

Science and Technology and other Research and Development

Number of Awards


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  • Award Range:

    $None - $None

Grant Description

The Title III program has identified 3D High Density Microelectronics for Information Protection as a technology area of interest for its future activities, and interested firms are encouraged to determine if they have information pertaining to this topic. For the purpose of this RFI, the Government is defining 3D High Density Microelectronics for Information Protection as three-dimensional (3D), ultra-high density microelectronics modules for use in Critical Program Information (CPI) protection applications. The focus shall be on product yield improvement and the expansion of production facilities to create an economically viable DoD and commercial supplier of 3D microelectronics modules incorporating Information Protection. Note: The program funding above ($100,000) is an estimate only and does not reflect any potential program funding which will be determined at a later date.

Contact Information

  • Agency

    Department of Defense

  • Office:

    Air Force -- Research Lab

  • Agency Contact:

    Diana C. Aniton
    Contracting/Agreements Officer
    Phone 937-713-9897

  • Agency Mailing Address:

    For Questions & Assistance

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