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Global Labor Program

Post Date

February 13th 2015

Application Due Date

March 6th 2015

Funding Opportunity Number


CFDA Number(s)


Funding Instrument Type(s)


Funding Activity Categories

Employment, Labor and Training

Eligibility Categories



  • Award Range:

    $None - $None

Grant Description

**This is only a Request for Comment (RFC). Only provide responses to USAID's requested information. Full applications are not being requested or accepted at this time.** USAID is requesting comments from interested organizations that address: (1) Relevance of USAID support for labor programming, (2) Regions and Country programs that will be most of relevance for labor programs, (3) Thematic and Research programs and, (4) Overall focus and emerging trends.

Contact Information

  • Agency

    Agency for International Development

  • Office:


  • Agency Contact:

    Taniece Baldwin
    AA Specialist
    Phone 202-567-5343

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