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Quality by Design for Orally Inhaled Drugs: Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (U01)

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July 18th 2011

Application Due Date

August 15th 2011

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Cooperative Agreement

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    $1 - $160000

Grant Description

The project highlights the following important areas in chemistry, manufacturing and controls of dry powder inhaler (DPI) drug products: -Controlling the manufacturing of API crystals in order to obtain micronized API materials with low variability and consistency; -Defining the critical quality attributes of the API crystals that must be measured and controlled to ensure quality in the final drug product; -Emphasizing the relationship between the properties of the API crystals and the quality of micronized API materials to be in included in the final drug product; -Exploring the effects of post-micronization relaxation of micronized API on product performance, with an aim to understand the requirements for laagering and quarantining of micronized API materials.

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    Department of Health and Human Services

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    Food and Drug Administration

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    Lisa Ko
    Grants Management Specialist

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    NIH Guide Announcement Link

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