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Food Protection Rapid Response Team and Program Infrastructure Improvement Implementation Project (U18)

Post Date

May 11th 2011

Application Due Date

June 15th 2011

Funding Opportunity Number


CFDA Number(s)


Funding Instrument Type(s)

Cooperative Agreement

Funding Activity Categories

Consumer Protection
Disaster Prevention and Relief
Food and Nutrition

Number of Awards


Eligibility Categories

State Governments

State Governments: This opportunity is only available to State food safety agencies and their manufactured food regulatory programs with current FDA food safety inspection contracts and who are currently receiving funding under the Food Protection Rapid Response Team and Program Infrastructure Improvement Prototype Projects cooperative agreement program (PAR-09-183). Competition is limited to these organizations because they have demonstrated significant achievements in accordance with the goal of developing and piloting rapid response concepts. The foundational work conducted under the current FDA food safety inspection contracts is both necessary and promising for the completion of significant improvements in food emergency response among federal, state, and local partners through the (up to) 2-year program described in this funding opportunity. Non-domestic (non-U.S.) Entities (Foreign Organizations) are not eligible to apply.


  • Estimated Total Funding:


  • Award Range:

    $300000 - $500000

Grant Description

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA), Division of Federal-State Relations (DFSR), in collaboration with the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) and the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), is announcing the availability of up to six cooperative agreements to be awarded under a Limited Competition. Only States with current FDA food safety inspection contracts (providing funding to State agency food protection regulatory programs) and who are currently receiving funding under those contracts are eligible to apply for these competing continuation awards. The FDA only guarantees one year of funding with the possibility of up to one year of additional, non-competitive support, contingent on performance and continued availability of federal funds. These cooperative agreements are intended to develop, implement, and sustain replicable models of an all-hazards food and foodborne illness Rapid Response Team (RRT) concept within the national integrated food safety system. The goal of these cooperative agreements is to facilitate long-term improvements to the national food safety system by strengthening interagency collaboration and improving States' regulatory and surveillance protection programs for manufactured foods. This will be accomplished through the provision of funding for program improvement and will require extensive cooperation and coordination with FDA District Offices and other FDA program offices. Effective leveraging of resources and harmonization of efforts will require collaboration with relevant initiatives, including those of federal partners (e.g., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service), national initiatives and associations, state, and local partners. The infrastructure necessary to develop and sustain rapid response capabilities is established using the FDA Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards (MFRPS) to assess and continually improve the infrastructure and equivalency in effect of a State food regulatory program. Each partner state that is awarded funding through these cooperative agreements must demonstrate progress towards significant compliance with the MFRPS in the first year of the agreement and, given availability of funding for a second year of the agreement, achieve significant compliance with the MFRPS by the end of the second year. Improving rapid response capabilities under these cooperative agreements requires completing development, assessment, implementation, incorporation, collaboration, and documentation/sharing of an RRT concept, encompassing both food and feed protection programs, over the course of the project period.

Contact Information

  • Agency

    Department of Health and Human Services

  • Office:

    Food and Drug Administration

  • Agency Contact:

    Gladys Bohler
    Grants Management Officer Specialist
    Phone 301-827-7175

  • Agency Mailing Address:

    FDA Office e-mail

  • Agency Email Address:

  • More Information:

    NIH Guide Notice published May 4, 2011

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