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Asian American Pacific Islander Historian

Post Date

July 25th 2013

Application Due Date

August 5th 2013

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Cooperative Agreement

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Natural Resources
Regional Development

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Non-Profits With 501 (c) (3) Status With The IRS (Except Higher Education Institutions)


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    $1 - $35015

Grant Description

NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD This Funding Announcement is not a request for applications. This announcement is to provide public notice of the National Park Serviceкs intention to fund the following project activities without full and open competition. ABSTRACT Funding Announcement P13AS00157 Project Title Asian American Pacific Islander Theme Study Historian Recipient Organization of American Historians Principle Investigator / Program Manager Aidan Smith Total Anticipated Award Amount 35,015.00 Cost Share none New Award or Continuation? Continuation This is a Task Agreement under Cooperative Agreement H2261100002 Anticipated Length of Agreement From date of award until June 30, 2015 Anticipated Period of Performance From date of award until June 30, 2015 Award Instrument Cooperative Agreement Statutory Authority 16 USC 470 CFDA # and Title 15.945 Cooperative Research and Training Programs к Resources of the National Park System Single Source Justification Criteria Cited (2) Continuation NPS Point of Contact June Zastrow 303-987-6718 OVERVIEW Cooperative Agreement Number H2261100002 was entered into by and between the Department of the Interior, National Park Service, (NPS), and the Organization of American Historians (OAH) for the purpose of promoting the greater public and private understanding of American history for their mutual benefit and for the people of the United States as well as for future generations, so that they can enjoy the historic resources of the NPS. Unless otherwise specified herein, the terms and conditions as stated in the Cooperative Agreement will apply to this Task Agreement. Asian American and Pacific Islander National Historic Landmark Theme Study: The Asian American and Pacific Islander National Historic Landmark Theme Study will be developed to assist with the identification of individual properties whose eligibility for designation as a National Historic Landmark may be considered. The NPS will use this theme study to assist with the broader interpretation of the Asian American and Pacific Islander experience at its nearly 400 national parks and to ensure that all American stories are represented to the public within the National Historic Landmark Program. RECIPIENT INVOLVEMENT 1. Work, in consultation with NPS staff in the Washington, DC office, to locate a historian and scholar specializing in Asian American history. This historian will meet the qualifications for a GS 0170-14/15 historian as determined by the Office of Personnel and Management. This historian should have an in-depth knowledge of the National Historic Landmarks Program and the nomination process as well as a demonstrated ability to work with scholars specializing in Asian American and/or Pacific Islander history. This scholar will assist the OAH and NPS in overseeing the researching and writing of an Asian American and Pacific Islander theme study that will identify and emphasize underrepresented areas of this history in the roster of National Historic Landmarks, national parks, National Historic Trails, and National Heritage Areas. 2. This scholar will assist the OAH and NPS in supervising other historians to prepare a concise history of the prioritized areas of the underrepresented history and provide a list of sites that represent this history. The history must be helpful in the evaluation of the sites on the list or sites that may arise in the future for their significance at the national, state, or local level 3. This scholar will also assist the OAH and NPS by assisting in the raising of funds for organizations external to the OAH and NPS. These funds will be used to fund both National Historic Landmark nominations as well as nominations for the National Register of Historic Places. 4. Cover necessary travel costs for this scholar for any meetings in Washington, DC or elsewhere. These meetings may be held on site or using equipment such as video-conferring, WebEx or Live Meeting. 5. Provide financial compensation to the scholar for his or her time and work on this project. 6. Both the OAH and the selected scholar must adhere to guidelines regarding potential conflict of interest as outlined in The NPS Historic Preservation Fund Grants Manual. These guidelines are clearly stated in Chapter 3, Section C, 1-11 of the Manual. Both the OAH and the selected scholar must also adhere to guidelines as outlined in Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-110 REVISED 11/19/93 As Further Amended 9/30/99. NATIONAL PARK SERVICE INVOLVEMENT Substantial involvement on the part the National Park Service is anticipated for the successful completion of the objectives to be funded by this award. In particular, the National Park Service will be responsible for the following: 1. Work with this scholar to schedule Historians Meetings that will review current potential sites associated with Asian American and Pacific Islander history which may have the potential to be designated as National Historic Landmarks or be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. These meetings will make recommendations on underrepresented areas of Asian American history that should be represented in this roster, prioritize the themes according to importance, suggest potential sites where this underrepresented history can be interpreted, and recommend potential consultant historians who can prepare portions of this history. 2. Provide guidance on the format for a National Historic Landmark theme study as well as any needed assistance regarding the nomination of sites either for designation as National Historic Landmarks or listing in the National Register of Historic Places. 3. Provide relevant background materials of already identified potential historic sites associated with Asian American and Pacific Islander history. 4. Arrange conference calls as needed; arrange for meeting rooms. SINGLE-SOURCE JUSTIFICATION DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR SINGLE SOURCE POLICY REQUIREMENTS Department of the Interior Policy (505 DM 2) requires a written justification which explains why competition is not practicable for each single-source award. The justification must address one or more of the following criteria as well as discussion of the program legislative history, unique capabilities of the proposed recipient, and cost-sharing contribution offered by the proposed recipient, as applicable. In order for an assistance award to be made without competition, the award must satisfy one or more of the following criteria: (1) Unsolicited Proposal к The proposed award is the result of an unsolicited assistance application which represents a unique or innovative idea, method, or approach which is not the subject of a current or planned contract or assistance award, but which is deemed advantageous to the program objectives; (2) Continuation к The activity to be funded is necessary to the satisfactory completion of, or is a continuation of an activity presently being funded, and for which competition would have a significant adverse effect on the continuity or completion of the activity; (3) Legislative intent к The language in the applicable authorizing legislation or legislative history clearly indicates Congressк intent to restrict the award to a particular recipient of purpose; (4) Unique Qualifications к The applicant is uniquely qualified to perform the activity based upon a variety of demonstrable factors such as location, property ownership, voluntary support capacity, cost-sharing ability if applicable, technical expertise, or other such unique qualifications; (5) Emergencies к Program/award where there is insufficient time available (due to a compelling and unusual urgency, or substantial danger to health or safety) for adequate competitive procedures to be followed. The National Park Service did not solicit full and open competition for this award based the following criteria: (2) CONTINUATION Single Source Justification Description: THIS IS A NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD This is a Task Agreement (P13AC00991) under Cooperative Agreement (H2261100002) in the amount of $35,015.00 with a period of performance from date of award until 06/30/2015. STATUTORY AUTHORITY 16 U.S.C. 470 (a) (1) (A) The Secretary of the Interior is authorized to expand and maintain a National Register of Historic Places composed of districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects significant in American history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, and culture. (B) Properties meeting the criteria for National Historic Landmarks established pursuant to paragraph (2) shall be designated as "National Historic Landmarks" and included on the National Register, subject to the requirements of paragraph (6). All historic properties included on the National Register on the date of enactment of the National Historic Preservation Act Amendments of 1980 shall be deemed to be included on the National Register as of their initial listing for purposes of this Act. All historic properties listed in the Federal Register of February 6, 1979, as "National Historic Landmarks" or thereafter prior to the effective date of this Act are declared by Congress to be National historic Landmarks of national historic significance as of their initial listing as such in the Federal Register for purposes of this Act and the Act of August 21, 1935 (49 Stat.666); except that in cases of National Historic Landmark districts for which no boundaries have been established, boundaries must first be published in the Federal Register and submitted to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the United States Senate and to the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs of the United States House of Representatives.

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    Department of the Interior

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    National Park Service

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    June Zastrow, 303-987-6718

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