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Injured Wildlife Research and Rescue

Post Date

April 5th 2016

Application Due Date

May 7th 2016

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Cooperative Agreement

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Natural Resources

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Eligibility Categories


Any potential cooperator who qualifies under the DoDGARS 34 or 2 CFR 200 is eligible to apply. Please see applicable terms and conditions, provided as a separate attachment.


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  • Award Range:

    $0 - $7247

Grant Description

Wildlife often inhabits areas on Navy property that are in close proximity to military training, facilities maintenance activities, hazardous material, and/or electrical currents. Birds nest in trees and on rooftops and fall near buildings. Herons and egrets with steatitus, a condition that weakens them, walk around grounds and enter buildings. Seabirds in adjacent waters become tangled in fishing line and take refuge on or under docks and near ships. When the proximity of wildlife to the aforementioned activities/materials produces a safety concern for the animal or military personnel or results in injury to an animal, action must often be taken to alleviate the situation. Restricting military access to areas occupied by wildlife and transporting the injured animal to a rehabilitation facility for care is most often used to resolve the situation. The animal must be rescued/picked-up and transported to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation agency or organization. Providing safe capture and transportation of the injured animal out of mission sensitive areas to a rehabilitation facility for care is most often used to resolve the situation.

Contact Information

  • Agency

    Department of Defense

  • Office:

    Office of Naval Research

  • Agency Contact:

    Reagan Pablo
    Contract Specialist
    Phone 619.532.2090

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