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BLM OR/WA - Historical, Archaeological & Paleontoloigcal Resources Inventory, Research and Proactive Protection, Lakeview District

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March 16th 2016

Application Due Date

July 18th 2016

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Cooperative Agreement

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Natural Resources

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    $1 - $25000

Grant Description

Public lands in Oregon are home to many thousands of unique and irreplaceable archaeological, historical, and paleontological resources that represent OregonДккs 13,000 year human history and millions of years of biological prehistory. BLM Cultural Resources Management and Paleontology Programs coordinate the management, preservation, and outreach efforts for these resources. The Cultural Resources Management Program manages and preserves the archaeological and historical locations, structures, and objects that represent a unique component of our national heritage. This program also engages with Native American tribes and the public as stakeholders in these resources. BLM Oregon's Paleontology Program manages and preserves paleontological resources as a fragile, nonrenewable scientific record and an important component of America's natural heritage. These programs manage these archaeological, historical, and paleontological resources, or "heritage resources", for educational, scientific, cultural, and recreational values. The BLM Oregon Cultural Resource Management and Paleontology Programs are seeking to establish partnerships to collaboratively encourage the public to learn about and engage with heritage resources in Oregon, increase volunteer opportunities, increase engagement with Native American tribes, and encourage studies on public lands.

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