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BLM UT Southwest Utah Urban Plant Studies

Post Date

March 15th 2016

Application Due Date

May 15th 2016

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Cooperative Agreement

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Natural Resources

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    $5000 - $10000

Grant Description

Background: Studies have been completed on dwarf bear-poppy (Arctomecon humlis), Holmgren milkvetch (Astragalus holmgreniorum), and Shivwits milkvetch (Astragalus ampullarioides) over a number of years under cooperative agreements. The Utah Native Plant Heritage Program, the Nature Conservancy, the Grand Canyon Trust, and citizen volunteers have taken a strong interest in the preservation of all three plant species addressed by the studies. Their interest and support has resulted in a number of actions taken to protect these plants. The information collected will help measure the level of progress made and identify additional options available for the conservation and recovery of these plants. Objectives: The primary objective for this project is to continue ongoing, annual monitoring and ecological studies of the endangered dwarf bear-poppy, Holmgren milkvetch, and Shivwits milkvetch in Washington County, Utah. The monitoring and ecological studies completed for these endangered plants will provide important life history data to better understand causes of mortality, growth rates, and reproductive biology. These studies will help identify impacts resulting from rapid adjacent community development. These communities are likely affecting plant pollinators, isolating habitats, and aiding in the spread of exotic plant species which compete with these species. These studies will provide information on the affect domestic herbivores, OHV use, and other surface disturbing activities are having on the populations. The data gained from these studies will help identify management options available for species conservation and recovery. Public Benefit: These monitoring studies will improve the knowledge of these plants, and their habitat within this growing urban environment (St. George Metropolitan area). This knowledge could help recover these endangered species, which will benefit the public.

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    Department of the Interior

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    Bureau of Land Management

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    Grants Management Specialist Melanie Beckstead (801) 539-4169

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