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Community Based Policing development in the Kyrgyz Republic

Post Date

November 10th 2015

Application Due Date

January 9th 2016

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Law, Justice and Legal Services

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    $500000 - $1000000

Grant Description

Community-oriented policing is meant to build trust among citizens and police, raise awareness of the threat of crime, including violent extremism, and eventually decrease the available space for criminal and/or violent extremist organizations to operate. Community engagement and community-oriented policing also provides communities with the necessary tools to intervene and prevent radicalization. Community engagement and community-oriented policing strategies should be holistic and involve all sectors of society in order to find the right partners to sustain the engagement. In this effort, both women and youth must be included and leveraged as positive change agents. In addition, all strategies should focus on establishing long-term and collaborative relationships among community members and officials. In order to build trust, practitioners and officials must be honest and transparent in their efforts to engage communities and must be sure to appeal to all members of society. If security services are accountable, communities will be more likely to trust the police, strengthening a partnership between communities and law enforcement, which will lead to increased interaction between the two groups, and increasing trust, and ultimately the chances of efficiently identifying and solving problems of general crime and violent extremism.

Contact Information

  • Agency

    Department of State

  • Office:

    International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affair

  • Agency Contact:

    Lourdes Stein
    Program Analyst
    Phone 202 776 8774

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