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Tribal Self-Governance Program Negotiation Cooperative Agreement

Post Date

April 23rd 2008

Application Due Date

April 28th 2008

See link to full announcement for details.

Funding Opportunity Number


CFDA Number(s)


Funding Instrument Type(s)

Cooperative Agreement

Funding Activity Categories


Number of Awards


Eligibility Categories

Federally Recognized Native American Tribal Governments

To be eligible for a negotiation cooperative agreement under this announcement, an applicant must meet all of the following criteria: A. Be a Federally-recognized Tribe as defined in Title V, Pub. L. 106-260, Tribal Self-Governance Amendments of 2000, of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (ISDA), Pub. L. 93-638, as amended. However, Alaska Native Villages or Alaska Native Village Corporations are not eligible if they are located within the area served by an Alaska Native regional health entity already participating in ISDA compacting (25 U.S.C. 458aaa-2(e)). Those Tribes not represented by a self-governance Tribal consortium compact, within their area, may still be considered to participate in the TSGP.


  • Estimated Total Funding:


  • Award Range:

    $20000 - $20000

Grant Description

The purpose of the program is to award cooperative agreements that provide negotiation resources to Tribes interested in participating in the Tribal Self-Governance Program (TSGP) as authorized by Title V, Tribal Self-Governance Amendments of 2000 of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act of Public Law (Pub. L.) 93-638, as amended. There is limited competition under this announcement because the authorizing legislation, Pub. L. 106-260, Title V, restricts eligibility to Tribes that meet specific criteria (Refer to Section III.1.A., ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS in this announcement). The TSGP is designed to promote self-determination by allowing Tribes to assume more control of Indian Health Service (IHS) programs and services through compacts negotiated with the IHS. The Negotiation Cooperative Agreement provides Tribes with funds to help cover the expenses involved in preparing for and negotiating with the IHS and assists eligible Indian Tribes to prepare Compacts and Funding Agreements (FAs). This program is described at 93.210 in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). The Negotiation Cooperative Agreement provides resources to assist Indian Tribes to conduct negotiation activities that include but are not limited to: 1. Determine what programs, services, functions, and activities (PSFAs) will be negotiated. 2. Identification of Tribal shares that will be included in the FA. 3. Development of the terms and conditions that will be set forth in the FA. The award of a Negotiation Cooperative Agreement is not required as a prerequisite to enter the TSGP. Indian Tribes that have completed comparable health planning activities in previous years using Tribal resources but have not received a Tribal self-governance planning award are also eligible to apply.

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