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Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Gulf Coast CESU

Post Date

April 27th 2016

Application Due Date

May 13th 2016

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Cooperative Agreement

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Science and Technology and other Research and Development

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This financial assistance opportunity is being issued under a Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU) Program. CESUДккs are partnerships that provide research, technical assistance, and education. Eligible recipients must be a participating partner of the Gulf Coast Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (GC-CESU) Program.


  • Estimated Total Funding:


  • Award Range:

    $0 - $30000

Grant Description

The USGS is offering a funding opportunity to a CESU partner to develop and distribute a production-ready Plant Phenology Ontology (PPO) and corresponding integrated database that will support high-profile analyses. This aspect of the project will finalize the PPO through the vegetative stages and draft the PPO for the flowering and fruiting stages. This should result in the release of the PPO Version 1 that can be tested Дкк including the application of the prototype to the appropriate USA-NPN plant phenology datasets Дкк and refined in future community efforts.

Contact Information

  • Agency

    Department of the Interior

  • Office:

    Geological Survey

  • Agency Contact:

    Faith Graves 703-648-7356

  • Agency Mailing Address:

    Contract Specialist

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