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Comprehensive Housing Counseling Program

Post Date

January 23rd 2013

Application Due Date

March 18th 2013

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Community Development

Eligibility Categories


1. All housing counseling agencies (including Local Housing Counseling Agencies, Intermediaries and Multi-State Organizations) that are directly approved by HUD and State Housing Finance Agencies (SHFAs) are eligible for this NOFA. Housing Counseling agencies that have not received HUD approval but meet the Housing Counseling Program approval criteria at 24 CFR 214.103 are encouraged to affiliate with a HUD-approved Intermediary or SHFA. 2. Applicant and Sub-grantee Status. To be eligible to receive a grant or sub-grant under this NOFA, all Applicants, sub-grantees and funded branches must be must be: a. tax-exempt organizations under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. 501(a) and (c), or be a unit of local, county or state government; b. in good standing under the laws and regulations of the state of their organization; and c. authorized to do business in the states in which they propose to provide housing counseling services.


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Grant Description

Funding provided by this NOFA is intended to support HUD-approved counseling agencies to respond flexibly to the needs of residents and neighborhoods, and deliver a wide variety of housing counseling services to homebuyers, homeowners, renters, and the homeless. This NOFA comes at a critical time when many Americans are facing the economic challenges associated with loss of employment, reducing debt and reestablishing credit history, the housing challenges associated with natural disasters, the transition from ownership to rental and the need for improved housing conditions. Traditionally underserved populations, such as minorities, the elderly, veterans, persons with disabilities, and residents of rural areas, face additional housing and economic challenges. HUDуs Comprehensive Housing Counseling Grant Program funds housing counselors who provide expert, unbiased guidance and information to help families and individuals meet their housing needs and improve their financial situations. Moreover, HUD grants assist housing counselors to act as an important safeguard against scams and discrimination, and to act as an important gateway to local, state, federal and private housing assistance.

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