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Transformation Initiative: Sustainable Communities Research Grant program

Post Date

April 16th 2013

Application Due Date

May 29th 2013

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Cooperative Agreement

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Eligibility Categories


Nationally recognized and accredited institutions of higher education; non-profit foundations, think tanks, research consortia or policy institutes, and for-profit organizations located in the U.S that employ or contract with the sponsored researcher are eligible applicants. Any combination of the aforementioned entities may comprise a Research Team that will combine expertise and will coordinate research activities. A Research Team must designate a lead applicant to act as the fiscal agent and manager for the grant. Note that although private, for-profit entities are eligible to participate and to cover their direct and indirect costs, they are not allowed to earn a profit from the project.


  • Estimated Total Funding:


  • Award Range:

    $75000 - $125000

Grant Description

The purpose of the FY13 Sustainable Communities Research Grant Program (SCRGP) is to fill key data and information gaps, and to begin to develop and evaluate policy alternatives that communities can adopt to facilitate decision making about various community investments in sustainability initiatives. For this round of sustainability research grants, HUD is primarily interested in sponsoring cutting edge research in quality, equitable affordable housing development and preservation; transportation and infrastructure planning; and рgreen,с energy-efficient practices. Priority is given to applications that advance evidence-based research on the effectiveness of Federal programs in these areas, which includes HUD programs, such as HOME Investment Partnerships, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Public Housing, and Choice Neighborhoods Grant programs, and the range of HUD programs that address issues related to sustainability. HUD believes that the results from the program will enable it to develop a broader sustainability agenda beyond current departmental priorities, as well as any future efforts or initiatives that may be considered based on the results of the research.

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