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Assisted Living Conversion Program (ALCP for Eligible Multifamily Projects

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March 13th 2012

Application Due Date

May 15th 2012

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Only private nonprofit owners of eligible multifamily assisted housing developments specified below in III.C. see section 683(2) (B), (C), (D), (E), (F), and (G) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992 (Pub. L.102-550, approved October 28, 1992) may apply for an ALCP grant. NOTE: HUD retains the right to terminate the grant and recover funds made available through this NOFA if your eligibility status changes during the course of the grant term, making you ineligible to receive the grant (e.g., prepayment of mortgage, sale/TPA of property, opting out of a Section 8 Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract, or the transfer of the grant to a single asset entity).


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    $None - $None

Grant Description

The ALCP provides funding for the physical costs of converting some or all of the units of an eligible multifamily development into an ALF or SEH , including unit configuration and related common and service space, and any necessary remodeling, consistent with HUD or the state's statute/regulations (whichever is more stringent), including compliance with all applicable accessibility laws. Typical funding will cover basic physical conversion of existing project units, as well as related common and service space. For ALF conversions, there must be sufficient community space to accommodate a central kitchen or dining facility; if meals are prepared at an off-site location, the preparation area of the facility must be of sufficient size to allow for the installation of a full kitchen. For both ALF and SEH conversions, there must be sufficient community space to accommodate lounges, recreation; other multiple-areas available to all residents of the project and/or office/staff spaces in the ALF or SEH. You must provide supportive services for the residents either directly or through a third party. Your application must include a firm commitment for the supportive services offered within the ALF or SEH. You may charge assisted living or service-enriched residents for meals and/or service fees. Residents may contract with third party agencies directly for nursing, therapy, or other services not offered by the ALF or SEH. Refer to Section III.C.3.e, for more information about Meals and Supportive Services.

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