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Migratory Bird Monitoring, Assessment and Conservation

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April 26th 2016

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July 25th 2016

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Cooperative Agreement

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Information and Statistics
Natural Resources

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    $25000 - $25000

Grant Description

**THIS IS A NOTICE OF SINGLE SOURCE AWARD-NOT A RFP** The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) uses a science-based, adaptive framework for setting and achieving broad-scale conservation objectives that strategically address the problems fish and wildlife will face in the future. This framework, called Strategic Habitat Conservation, is based on the principles of adaptive management and uses population and habitat data, ecological models, and focused monitoring and assessment efforts to develop and implement strategies that result in measurable fish and wildlife population outcomes. This process uses the best available scientific information to predict how fish and wildlife populations will respond to changes in the environment, thus enabling the Service to focus habitat conservation and other management activities where they will be most effective. In addition, the Service needs focused, applied science directed at high impact questions surrounding threats to fish and wildlife resources for which management and/or mitigation is required to maintain species at healthy, sustainable, desired levels. The Service must base its decisions on the best science available, in order to defend its regulatory decisions, biological opinions and species conservation recommendations to land managers. This program will use a cooperative agreement as the financial assistance instrument. The Service will be responsible for the following: (1) Provide maps indicating geographic areas where surveys for golden eagle nests have not been systematically conducted and where knowledge of the speciesДкк nest distribution is otherwise poor, (2) Prioritize areas to be surveyed for nests, (3) Provide a database format for entry of nest site data, (4) Provide satellite telemetry transmitters to be deployed on eagles, (5) Pay for data downloads from the transmitters, collected via the Argos satellite system, (6) Provide funding to cover costs of coordination among land managers and land owners, to deploy transmitters on individual eagles.

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  • Agency

    Department of the Interior

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    Fish and Wildlife Service

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    Budget & Grants Analyst Sara Williams 505 248-7462

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    Administrative POC

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