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Office of Innovation and Improvement (OII): Magnet Schools Assistance Program CFDA Number 84.165A

Post Date

April 22nd 2016

Application Due Date

June 1st 2016

Applications Available: April 22, 2016. Deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply: May 9, 2016. Notice of Intent to Apply: The Department will be able to develop a more efficient process for reviewing grant applications if it has a better understan

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Eligibility Categories


1. Eligible Applicants: LEAs or consortia of LEAs implementing a desegregation plan as specified in section III. 3 of this notice. 2. Cost Sharing or Matching: This program does not require cost sharing or matching. 3. Other: Applicants must submit with their applications one of the following types of desegregation plans to establish eligibility to receive MSAP assistance: (a) A desegregation plan required by a court order; (b) a desegregation plan required by a State agency or an official of competent jurisdiction; (c) a desegregation plan required by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), United States Department of Education (Department), under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI); or (d) a voluntary desegregation plan adopted by the applicant and submitted to the Department for approval as part of the application. Under the MSAP regulations, applicants are required to provide all of the information required in 34 CFR 280.20(a) through (g) in order to satisfy the civil rights eligibility requirements found in 34 CFR 280.2(a)(2) and (b). In addition to the particular data and other items for required and voluntary desegregation plans described in the application package, an application must include-- Projected enrollment by race and ethnicity for magnet and feeder schools; Signed civil rights assurances (included in the application package); and An assurance that the desegregation plan is being implemented or will be implemented if the application is funded


  • Estimated Total Funding:


  • Award Range:

    $None - $12000000

Grant Description

Note: Each funding opportunity description is a synopsis of information in the Federal Register application notice. For specific information about eligibility, please see the official application notice. The official version of this document is the document published in the Federal Register. Free Internet access to the official edition of the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations is available on GPO Access at: Please review the official application notice for pre-application and application requirements, application submission information, performance measures, priorities and program contact information. Purpose of Program: The MSAP provides grants to eligible local educational agencies (LEAs) and consortia of LEAs to support magnet schools under an approved, required or voluntary, desegregation plan. By supporting the development and implementation of magnet schools that reduce, eliminate, or prevent minority group isolation, these program resources can be used in pursuit of the objectives of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended (ESEA), which supports State and local efforts to enable all elementary and secondary school students to achieve high standards. In particular, the MSAP provides an opportunity for eligible entities to provide students from varied backgrounds with the educational benefits of diversity and equitable access to a high-quality education that will enable all students to succeed academically. Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number: 84.165A. Applications for grants under MSAP, CFDA number 84.165A, must be submitted electronically using the Governmentwide Apply site at Through this site, you will be able to download a copy of the application package, complete it offline, and then upload and submit your application. You may not email an electronic copy of a grant application to us. You may access the electronic grant application for the Magnet Schools Assistance Program at You must search for the downloadable application package for this program by the CFDA number. Do not include the CFDA number's alpha suffix in your search (e.g., search for 84.165, not 84.165A).

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